PAT Testing

In general, portable appliance testing is required for anything with a plug attached i.e. toasters, kettles, computers etc; if in use in the workplace. Under the current health and safety guidelines items of this nature should be visually inspected / tested and recorded.

Electrical Appliance Testing

An electrical / portable appliance test consists of several tasks. The item has to pass a visual check and some practical tests. If the appliance passes the test, it is considered safe to use. Hallmarque PAT conducts these tests with minimal disruption to you and your business. If there are any small repairs that need to be made, Hallmarque PAT complete these free of charge.

All safe appliances tested by Hallmarque PAT are labelled; as a client you will receive an overall printed report containing a list of tested appliances including certification. To discuss your requirements and receive a free quote please call 01673 860655 or e-mail