About Us

Hallmarque PAT is a family business, founded by Dale Hall, based in Welton, Lincolnshire.

Alongside PAT testing, Dale Hall is a dedicated musician with over 35 years experience in the industry. From the many years Dale has devoted to his passion, he knows only too well the importance of safety when using electrical equipment.

Over the years, Dale has been involved in many bands and has unfortunately witnessed how injuries can occur when using electrical appliances within the music industry. Due to these events, Dale is keen to stress the importance of safety to groups who perform in pubs and clubs and recommends regular testing of their equipment. Items include amps, lights, sound systems and equalizers.

Dale believes in keeping music live and in particular helping to make sure musicians and the general public are kept safe. His unparalleled drive and enthusiasm to achieve this is demonstrated by a discounted rate for musical groups and others connected to the music industry including stage lighting.